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Hiring A Project Management Consultancy


Chennai is an ever-growing city with many industrial and commercial projects. These projects require the very best of industrial architects in Chennai. Civil consultants in Chennai too offer their services towards all kinds of projects. It becomes a difficult task for the business to identify the best sources for accomplishing the project. Here is where project management consultancies step in to assist the organization to accomplish their project goals. Project management consultancies focus on management, support and necessary leadership that will enable the acceleration and implementation of projects and programs based on organizational strategy and business achievements. While they manage projects and programs they also deal with portfolio management.

While organizations target growth, they take up several projects that are more demanding than the already accomplished projects. Projects require well-tested practices, thorough processes and precise methodologies to be accomplished successfully. Organizations may even have more than one project to handle at a time. An organization needs to assess its practices against industrial standards and best practices in order to identify breaches in project management. A project management expert or consultant will be able to identify these gaps and help focus on opportunities that improve business performance and results.

A well-experienced project management consultancy will be able to deliver invaluable services and encourage the organization to seek potential options that were probably unknown to the company. Project management consultancies work with a wide array of organizations, and their pooled experience and expertise will enable growth of organizations. They will help decide upon the best course of action and implement promising options. While consultancies can give you potential recommendations and suggestions, it is up to the organization to make decisions. When consultancies suggest the purchase of specific products thoroughly evaluate their recommendations against your options and requirements before making the decision. Consultancies provide customized solutions and standard services, be sure to convey your specific goals and needs.

Here are a few aspects to consider while hiring a project management consultancy.

hiringDefine your project objectives and plan: Both long term and short term goals of the project must be outlined and how the prospective project management consultancy may help the organization achieve each goal in a time-based manner. The organization will have to provide prospective consultancies with details about the organization, its strategies and objectives, this being sensitive data ensure that you check the background of each consultancy with utmost care.

An internal assessment of the organization’s capabilities and resources will help define the project objectives and processes better. The internal assessment will take into account the organization’s current skills and lack of experience if any. It will determine the amount of work that the organization can accomplish through internal resources. It will ensure that the organization will know what exactly to expect from the external consultancy. Certain consultancy firms themselves may help the organization conduct internal assessments as part of their engagement. An internal assessment will also help the consultancy to list out their deliverables and clarify roles and responsibilities for improving upon the project.

The organization must be frank about any constraints that may possibly affect the outcome of the project. Any regulations or circumstances must be defined clearly prior to the appointment. Different consultancies have different levels and areas of expertise. Project management consultancies provide a centralized coordination of management of a program in accordance with project strategies and objectives. It aligns multiple goals and helps achieve optimized or integrated cost, schedule and effort.

Select an appropriate firm: The organization will need to form a team or selection committee that will identify the right consultancy to work with. Deliverables must be determined and scheduled. Selection criteria to evaluate proposals must be outlined. A list of potential consultancies must be compiled and request for information (RFI) and request for proposal (RFP) along with guidelines for submission must be detailed. The RFP must be sent to the final few consultancies the organization may have shortlisted. The proposals must be screened thoroughly taking into consideration their expertise in planning and executing similar projects. The RFI will provide details of the consultancy, their expertise, potential and deliverables which will help screen for potential consultancies and also in framing the RFP. The RFP allows candidates to submit their approach to the project, scope of work, estimated budget, timescale and fees, terms and conditions.

Negotiate terms and Contract: Once the best match of consultancy has been identified both the parties must meet along with their respective legal representatives whose suggestions may lead to more productive negotiations. The consultancy’s approach, schedule and resources must be discussed to identify the best match. The negotiation must include fees, terms and conditions, the scope of services, service schedule and important goal achievement within a specified timeframe. It must also outline roles and responsibilities of the consultancy, payment terms, reimbursement expenses, over budget contingencies and termination clauses. The contract is now ready to be signed by the concerned authorities to work towards the betterment of the project and successful accomplishment of goals.

Code of conduct: This is an agreement on part of the participants to uphold the highest levels of honesty, ethical behavior and professionalism in their conduct of affairs. The participants must provide accurate representations regarding all information related directly or indirectly influencing the RCP. The conduct must be in strict accordance with the law. Due respect to the intellectual property of others must be maintained in truth and professionalism. A thorough code of conduct will ensure that a conflict of interest does not compromise legitimate interests of the client organization.

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