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Will Entertainment Industry See Growth in 2015?

Entertainment Industry

In this busy and hectic world, people like to have some sort of entertainment to relax their mind. At present, there is no dearth of entertainment activities in the world. There are many companies that offer various entertainment activities to the people around world. The demand for entertainment activities made the corporate and companies create more entertainment facilities and offer various entertainment services to the people. As people enjoy these entertainment facilities/services, the entertainment companies are making big money. Today, entertainment industry has become huge in terms of sector and revenue. The advancement in technology also given birth to many new forms of entertainment these days.


Among indoor entertainments, 5D cinemas are becoming very popular. 5D cinemas are the enhanced versions of the 3D cinemas. While 3D cinemas just show the movies in three-dimensional form, 5D movies will make you feel like plunging into the virtual reality world. Display of 5D cinemas requires special infrastructure, and it cannot be screened just like a regular movie. Many developed countries have 5D cinema facilities, and they have become the center of attraction for various tourists. As the cost of setting up a 5D cinema arena getting cheaper and affordable, many countries are planning to have the 5D cinema theater & many already have 5D, 7D theatre Manufacturers.

Music industry, one of the subdivisions of the entertainment industry never seems to have any lean period. More music tracks are to be released and music concerts are scheduled to happen in the forthcoming days. The growth of the entertainment industry mainly depends on the spending capability of the people. If people are ready to shell out their money for entertainment, then the entertainment industry will be able to make profit, which would be further used to make new concepts and innovations. The year 2015 seems to be pretty good for the entertainment industry as a number of people are coming forward to pay for entertainment.

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  1. I would love to watch a 5D cinema. Are there any such theatres in India?

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