Calming the agitation of the soul with music is a great gift given by God for the upliftment of the soul. Through music, you can transform your struggle into success. A powerful gateway to connect spiritual nature with the unseen. Music can alter our mind and dictate our thoughts. Music helps to rescue from the lowest points in life and the blissful soundtracks can bring in long lost memories. Spirituality cannot be separated from music. The two are one in the soul.

Raised in a Catholic family, I had a deep understanding of spirituality thanks to my acquired knowledge of the Vedas and the Yoga practice I followed dutifully. I learned to connect my inner voice and bring balance with my spirits. If people ask me, if spirituality is the Gregorian chant, vedic mantras, Beethoven symphonies, gospel hymns or rock and roll, my answer would be spirituality is a bridge to connecting us with our essence in life. Music is a deeply resonating and divine experience which connects our inner self and spirituality.

Spirituality of music cannot be defined as cultural or religious. It transcends and precedes those frameworks. It was odd to me to even compare music and spirituality as I do not see them as two different entities. Music is the sound of spirit. It is created from the heart and has true intentions. In fact it is a spiritual expression of universal nature. As Plato calls it, “Music is a Moral Law.” Oxford dictionary defines spiritual as affecting the human spirit or soul and not material or physical things.

The term spirit is derived from the latin word “Spiritus” meaning breath. It is also related to vigor, soul and courage. The difference between spirit and soul first occurred in the Christian terminology when the spirit was defined as the seat of emotions. The modern definition of spirit can be “the essential nature of something”.

All religions of the world include music as their expression of rituals and it cannot be limited to defining spirituality and religion. As Osho said once, Music is the most natural form of meditation. Though, claiming all music is spiritual would be a misnomer. Not all is created for benefiting human spirit. However, one cannot deny that the highest form of music is spirituality.


Life experience is no single lesson but a compilation to help you cross a thousand hurdles. Read the biographies of great people and you will agree that anonymity is sometimes bliss. Not just celebrities, every one of us is under the Vedic with Angels above us taking silent notes of our actions.


Music is not just soothing to the ears but to the soul as well. Listening to music is a human behavior and is related to procreation. It is the most popular leisure activity and offers companionship to people in their day to day life. It also helps to de-stress. Music evolves with time and continues to develop.


Life is more than just matter. We are more than matter; we feel compassion, happiness, sorrow and comfort. Human beings are a blend of matter and spirit. Spirituality is understanding the dimensions of life and living it fully without compromising on the values.


If you are reading this blog, you know my name by now. A hearty welcome to my blog! If you are here, I understand you are on a mission to understand the value of life. After completing my course in Music, I took up a job as research assistant at the Manhattan Music School. My passion for life and writing was instrumental in creating this blog. I have shared my opinion on life, music and spirituality on this blog. Go ahead subscribe, stay and share if you like it.

My blog is how I while away my spare time and I merely cherish it. I read a lot and those an inspiration in helping to write my posts. Moreover, I welcome guest comments and also take ideas from their views. Slowly but steadily my blog has attracted a tribe of fans. I always thankful to all my supporters and will do my best to keep the creative juices flowing.

Though I started my blog as an outlet for my creativity, in a hope to start an online community, today it has gone beyond and has given me a social standing. The blog educates on maintaining spiritual discipline, embracing music to soothe your soul and maintaining a robust dialogue among the community to understand the value of life better. Your presence is valued here!

Anita Joy Anderson


My Musical Journey

Teaching the world to listen

I always take pride in working as a musician. I begin my journey with a degree in Music and Master Degree in Media Arts. My strategies are to research and post inspirational music and media stories.

Life Philosophy

An obsession to live life to the fullest

With running back to back media shows and appearing on radio, life took a new turn with learning how to relate music with life. Music is a mediator in between life and spirituality said Beethovan. This truth was realized sooner than expected.


Connects the nerves of Life

Music is God, it has the most healing experience and arouses positive emotions. It is undeniably the sublime entity to ruling your conscious and the subconscious domains. It offers spiritual assistance to life.

New Age Thinking

Holding a Vision

Coping with difficulties in life is an art to be mastered. Denial is never a means to accept realities in life. Pay attention to the realities of living and remember that navigation has transformed civilization.

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