Lifestyle is described as a way of life established by an individual, society, culture, or a group. Components such as work, activities, interactions, consumptions, and interests that affect the patterns of behaviour in a person make up his lifestyle. Cultures and norms are experiences of a larger group that dictates rules, civility, and politeness amongst the individuals of the specific community. Customs and norms play a significant role in cultivating a lifestyle pattern amongst the followers. Similarly, an individual’s lifestyle is also groomed by the style of his work and the country or area he resides.Influence of religion or spirituality dramatically influences the way a person behaves and conducts his life. Hence, the role of shaping an individual’s lifestyle highly relies on the beliefs he follows. The food, the efforts taken by an individual to stay healthy, and the fitness levels & sports participation are also few other detrimental elements that shape up a lifestyle.

Healthy Living

Healthy living is an ideal balance of a healthy body and a healthy mind. Combination of a balanced physical and mental health is essential to have a disease-free body and a happy soul. So, make it a point to stay happy along with treating your body to the right diet and exercises.

Food & Fitness

The right food is the medicine to a fit body. A balanced and nutritious diet determines the fitness level of an individual. A healthy food habit when adopted as an essential lifestyle; we undoubtedly, become healthier and happier. Eat right, exercise right, and reduce those extra pounds for a comfortable living.


Mindfulness is a meditation technique that focuses on bringing an individual’s attention to the present moment without any prejudices. Derived from the meditation techniques of Buddhism and Zen traditions, mindfulness techniques are quite useful for reducing depression, stress, and anxiety.


Welcome to our website. If you are searching for bits of motivations, inspirations, and recognitions in life, you have stepped into the right website.We share the interesting lifestyle and motivational tips and advice that will make you silent and think about yourself and your emotions for a minute.We also share practical advice and inspiring stories where you can apply yourself to accomplish happiness and success. So, we focus to provide a platform to motivate and inspire people further. Be it you want to accomplish personal development, greatest goals in life, inner peace, or happiness, we ensure to share content and stories of our reflections and unique experiences.

We are working on a goal to make our website one of the top platforms where every person could access completely free advice, stories, articles, and several resources that motivate and inspire to accomplish personal development, realize true happiness, and succeed in life.As a team, we believe that success could not be accomplished overnight. It is possible only by persistence, diligence, and dedication. We use this as our success MANTRA and thus stick to it. Some of our writers are well versed in personality development and they share very real-life incidences and examples in their blogs. We hope you find our blog interesting.

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My Musical Journey

Teaching the world to listen

I always take pride in working as a musician. I begin my journey with a degree in Music and Master Degree in Media Arts. My strategies are to research and post inspirational music and media stories.

Life Philosophy

An obsession to live life to the fullest

With running back to back media shows and appearing on radio, life took a new turn with learning how to relate music with life. Music is a mediator in between life and spirituality said Beethovan. This truth was realized sooner than expected.


Connects the nerves of Life

Music is God, it has the most healing experience and arouses positive emotions. It is undeniably the sublime entity to ruling your conscious and the subconscious domains. It offers spiritual assistance to life.

New Age Thinking

Holding a Vision

Coping with difficulties in life is an art to be mastered. Denial is never a means to accept realities in life. Pay attention to the realities of living and remember that navigation has transformed civilization.

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