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Bharatanatyam, the dance of versatility, will help you stay fit and flexible
If you want to learn a new dance style while staying in shape, Bharatanatyam is the perfect choice.

The ancient Indian practice will increase your versatility while teaching you precise movements that require strength and stamina from you.

Many of us were forced to learn this traditional Indian art as children, but we never managed to keep it up until we reached adulthood. However, if you can relate up to this point, let us offer one reason why reviving Bharatanatyam could be worthwhile: it’s a great way to stay in shape without losing touch with Indian culture.

Since its inception, Geethalayam has been one of the most prominent school of Bharatham in Chennai (https://geethalayam.com/) for learning classical Indian dances, which have been taught by noted teachers from all over India as well as other Asian dancers including Japan’s Sayuri Shima, who took classes at Geethalayam before their rise to prominence elucidates that with an emphasis on body movements and postures, the traditional dana has been passed down through the generations. This ancient art has so much to do, from improving equilibrium to helping you maintain a healthy heart!

Bharatanatyam improves body balance:

Dance is a perfect way to strengthen your body balance. Dance movements are designed to challenge you with new postures on a regular basis, strengthening both body and mind while avoiding the emergence of cognitive impairment that often occurs as people age. The dance style often necessitates holding positions for brief periods of time, which strengthens one’s ability over time!
Bharatanatyam is a dance genre that combines many facets of fitness in addition to being a fun form of entertainment. The unusual flexed leg and arm positions will help you improve your body balance while also providing some light cardio.

Bharatanatyam improves flexibility:

According to research, only 30 minutes of Bharatanatyam practice a day will help improve flexibility. It is thought to work out different parts of the body, increase range of motion in our limbs, and improve equilibrium, for example. This means that even if you don’t have time or access to dance lessons on a regular basis, you will still gain physically from doing some dedicated practice sessions at home!

The following are some of the advantages of practicing Bharatanatyam for your lifestyle:

Why bother learning an art form if many of us don’t have the time? Bharatanatyam can teach us a lot more than just how to have fun and be beautiful. Better balance, enhanced posture, decreased stress levels (through breathing exercises), and increased motivation through practice sessions where you might be overwhelmed at first, but after only one lesson, the entire world changes!

In addition to health changes such as lower blood pressure, which is always good news because we’re already surrounded by enough pressures that life throws our way on top of all of these other stuff, I’m having my work done so there isn’t any more sitting around!

As a type of aerobics, Bharatanatyam provides all of the benefits that can be obtained from doing one’s own aerobic exercises. Dancing helps to improve blood circulation, and improved blood pumping indicates that the heart is in better shape. It’s not all about physical fitness: performing a variety of leg motions while maintaining precise hand placement necessitates constant focus, which strengthens mental skills such as concentration!

Benefits of Bharatanatyam For A Healthy Heart:

In terms of maintaining a healthy heart, Bharatanatyam provides all of the advantages that can be obtained by participating in aerobics: Dancing is good for overall physical wellbeing and can help you increase the hemoglobin levels, bringing you closer to a healthier heart—but it doesn’t only provide health benefits on its own.

One of the most important benefits that Bharatanatyam can offer to your lifestyle is a greater sense of peace and relaxation. The practice will help you find balance in life with its various postures, movements and meditation techniques. It’s also good for developing an appreciation for Indian classical music as well as understanding more about Hinduism through the expressive dance steps.

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