There are some days, weeks and months when you feel stuck in a rut. You feel as if life is not moving forward, and it has become dull and dreary. The feeling is common and happens to a lot of people. If you feel that the same applies to you, then go ahead and read our motivation tips for life. These are simple, easy tricks that make life easier and much more fun!

Don’t run after pleasing everyone.

It is the nature of human beings to go that extra mile to do something that makes others happy. Even if it means discomfort to yourself. The first motivation tip for life is to stop this habit. Forget about pleasing anyone who doesn’t hold a position of importance in your life. Don’t subject yourself to hours of toiling, if the other person doesn’t deserve it. Every time you try to please everyone, you bring yourself down. Instead, strive to be in the company of those who believe in you and don’t ask you to go that extra mile. Remember, it is better to say no and be selfish rather than being a pushover.

Don’t be taken for granted by others.

Every time you are taken for granted, it reflects on your self-esteem and becomes a demotivating factor. So, you owe yourself to be surrounded by people who appreciate you and give you due credit. In other words, when you start feeling like people are valuing your worth, take steps to remedy it. And when those don’t work, walk out. Never allow yourself to be thought as “oh, s/he will always be there, no matter how I act.”

Participate in things you usually don’t.

The best way to get motivated for life is to jump into new things. When you learn a new skill, it builds your self-confidence, which creates enthusiasm and drive for life. So, go ahead, try something you would not normally do. Don’t give up till you have mastered it irrespective of how hard you have to work at it. While you’re at it, keep the company of those who appreciate you trying it and offer positive support. Anyone who is critical should be avoided. Lastly, it is your opinion that matters the most. Therefore, appreciate the fact that you are learning something new.

Forgive yourself, often.

As humans, all of us make mistakes. There are chances you have wronged someone too. Forgive yourself for those errors and make amends. There is nothing more motivating in life than getting a second chance. So, don’t be afraid to set things right.

While you are working towards making your amends, remember that mistakes can’t be undone. The consequences will always remain, but that doesn’t imply that your reparations have no meaning. Forget what is done; forgive yourself and put effort into making things better than before.

Find what makes you tick.

Every person has that passion, that thing, which makes them tick. It is the reason you get out of bed every morning. That thing could be your loving partner; it could be your job; it could be your pet; it could be your child or even your hobby. What matters is that you find that particular thing you absolutely love. Once you have it, hold on it, and it will make life easier and definitely more fun.

Create positive stress.

Positive stress is goals and deadlines that drive you to achieve something. The tip to motivated life is to create such purposes and then give yourself a limited time to reach them. Once you attain those goals, you’ll find a unique enthusiasm for life that is a high, unlike any other. You will never want any external source of motivation!

The last tip that can help you keep driven every day of your life is gaining knowledge and experience. Instead of reading self-help books and living vicariously, live yourself. Do things that broaden your horizons.

Travel near and far. It will expose you to people and cultures of different kinds and bring with it tons of significant experience. When that is not possible, read new books on various topics. Or research things that keep you inspired and then follow them diligently.

You only live once and believe us that time is limited. Instead of wasting it on things and people who tear you down, invest in experiences that build you up. When you have only positivity around you, living life becomes more relaxed and much more enjoyable, automatically.

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