Regular exercise is crucial to improve our overall health. Healthwise, the elderly are the most vulnerable. Exercise daily could prevent risks of chronic diseases and improve mortality rates. Due to the lack of motivation for seniors, it is highly imperative now to empower them towards a healthy lifestyle. From adding a small routine change, one could improve their life for the better.

To Get Them Moving

It helps to work out with a partner. Having someone to do workouts along with will be uplifting as well as motivating. In case one doesn’t feel like working out today, the other can lift them up. Seeing the partner succeed in goals and get a sensation of success would give a lot of motivation to the other. Besides, it would provide them with confidence to pursue working out as the results are evident in front of them and much better than looking at the mirror itself. Having their life partner along with them on their journey to fitness is actually a blessing and so beautiful for others to follow as well. Daily exercises should be considered to be as important as brushing the teeth after you wake up. It should be part of the daily routine that no day goes by without engaging in this activity.

Planning It Wisely

It is vital to have a very detailed plan that works all the time. To make the activity run for a while, it is essential to choose a programme that they love to do together. Figuring out activities that older adults enjoy outdoors are the best place to begin. Start on an easy ramp that accommodates them and gives them confidence. Setting up expectations should be in such a way that they feel comfortable practising the exercises. Older adults are susceptible and insecure at times, remember to give constant appreciation and encouragement to support them.

It is crucial to plan the physical activities according to the health conditions. Consult with a physician before taking up any strenuous physical activity. This makes sure that the person is well aware of their limits and to perform safely and accordingly. There might be a lot of exercises that a physician would suggest you avoid, and this is why it is most important to have the physician’s go. Trainers often oversee the physicians recommendations, and that is why cardiac rehab is the best place to start.

Safety Guidelines

Monitoring the pulse rate is very crucial while working out. With the advent of smartwatches, it is possible to keep track of heart rates and burnt calories. While giving positive motivation for seniors, it has to be kept in mind that there are vulnerabilities that need to be taken care of as well. A Borg scale is used for referencing the intensity level of exercises to be performed by the seniors.

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