Medical Science has time and again tried to prove this statement wrong “Once a patient, always a patient”. Unfortunately, it’s hard to convince patients to make life-changing decisions. It is hard for them to recover from the trauma and arise as a different individual. Several research studies have shown and proven that there are strategies that help in improving motivation for patients. Strategies for motivation have demonstrated that patients recover faster, further hospitalizations are decreased, as well as they get stronger mentally and thereby, physically.

Changing Patient Behaviours

The ultimate goal of patient behavioural changes is to enable them to take care of their health. Giving patients the ownership of their health is an empowering move. Successful doctors are mentors to the patients and help guide on improving their health by themselves. Medical professionals are unaware of the patient’s life outside the clinic, and that is why it is always advised that the patients make the decisions of what they could be able to do and what they could not during the recovery phase. Slowly improving the levels for a patient is the best way so that they can gain confidence and feel that the goal is accommodating. Negotiations with the patient are one way for them to step out of their comfort zone and try to venture out into challenges. If a patient is too reluctant to change, a slight push in favour of them would be beneficial so that they decide it is more comfortable. Discussing the changes that they can make and the difficulties that they would face in doing so helps clear out the air and breathes empowerment into the patient.

Keeping Track Of Continual Changes

It is quite common that people lose track of what they do if no one checks on them once in a while. And for this reason, it is essential to schedule follow-ups with the physician. Sometimes it is difficult for face to face follow-ups and this is when electronic media comes to the rescue. Modern medical practitioners have dedicated apps that allow communication with their patients. These apps help the patients keep track of their changes and have discussions with their doctor. The most significant advantage of apps is that the patients don’t have to make a journey to meet their medical professionals once in a while. When the patients are given care along with concern, it becomes a strong reason for them to change their lifestyle.

Habits Change For The Best

There may be a billion reasons for people not to change and hold on to what they think is right. But, a single purpose is enough for them to change for the better. Education for the patient and counselling is critical in the recovery path. Nurses, clinicians, practitioners, and physicians work together. They are a team guiding the patients on changing their behaviour for a long-lasting recovery.

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