For the first time like blogging, may want to create confusion where the blog. Because many options are offered. Start from the outside blog providers such as Blogger, WordPress, Multiply, or Blogdrive. Among the many options that blogging, this time let’s review and discuss the blog providers on the two most widely used today, namely, the blogger and wordpress. What are the similarities both? And what they benefit of the both services? In any vote, most of us would choose the good and (if it can be) free. Both the general criteria was certainly be fulfilled and bloggers idea. But in addition to two yesterday, both have other similarities. What?

1. Easy to use. Both are equally easy to use. It’s you type in a word processing program. Before the post is published, you can also see the review of his first. Making it is not difficult. We live just follow the instructions in several steps, so be it.

2. Available options template (theme). Both have the option theme. However, the amount, there are many more options in WordPress. Template or theme, it actually can we change the template with other outstanding on the internet.

In addition, bloggers have advantages on:

1. Can change the design. Edit the file with the style (CSS), we can change the design as we want.

2. Adsense can be made. The majority of make money from AdSense using a blog for free is usually using bloggers. Perhaps because bloggers and adsense is equally owned by Google. So it easier for adsense approved it. It can not actually be, but must use a paid version.

It can have advantages are, among others:

1. The existence of the feature category. The existence of the category will make the owners and visitors to the blog. Blog owners to easily determine the scope of the topic will be discussed. For visitors, this feature is easier to find specific topics of interest. The idea, this feature automatically appears. In any blogger can actually established, but need a little business.

2. Easy to communicate. According to me this is one of the most important advantages ideas. That can make pingback or Trackback. Because, in reality the owners of each blog is a social creature. Like to mingle with other owners blog. In addition, comments, and do pingback Trackback are other ways to communicate with other blog owners.

3. There are statistics. Available at the idea that you can plug in the statistics show, either daily, weekly, or monthly. There is also information about the total area of each page and keywords. All this information is important to monitor the development of your blog. So you can take the appropriate action for the development of your blog.

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