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Motivational Factors

Motivation is one key factor that is required for the growth of an individual. What really motivates someone is something that depends on every individual. It is not easy to stay motivated always. There are low tides as well as high tides in life and the success of an individual depends on how well he handles both. Employees are the major resource of any organization. To run a profitable business or to weather bad times, you need a set of employees who will stand by the organization. These employees should have faith and are motivated by various factors that they see from the organization. It could be salary, promotions, awards, good words, higher responsibilities and more. It is important that employees stay motivated. A few motivation tips for employees are discussed in this article.

How To Keep Employees Motivated?

Motivating employees is fairly simple and easy. The organization has to be transparent and honest with the employees. They need to know how well their hard work has helped the organization in its growth and the areas of improvement. This will help improve their skills and growth. Most employees are motivated by good words. They love being praised. It is far more effective when the praise is from a higher official. The company should make note of every improvement in an employee and make it a point to encourage one on one or in front of the team.

Empower the employees to work together for the company on an equal level with everybody. It will give them easy access to the senior department. One thing most of us hate is being told what to do. Instead of giving orders, let the employees decide within the realms of company guidelines what has to be done in order to achieve company goals. This will give more power to the employees. Criticising an employee is a perfect demotivator. You must always take an indirect approach to help employees understand and learn from mistakes.

Vector Image Of Cheerful & Happy Corporate People Celebrating Their Success.

Set the bar high for all employees by highlighting the strength of top performers. Small rewards on things they have achieved in a project can go a long way. You can do it in a meeting or in a gathering. Throw parties and take them for lunch. It is another way of recognizing their effort. Share all the achievements with the employees. Let them know that they deserve the rewards. It will be easier to share pain as well.

The End Result Of Motivated Employees

Motivated employees are easier to work with. They understand their responsibilities and goals. You don’t have to be behind their back to get things done. Employees will willingly come early, stay late, and devote more time to find innovative solutions to various issues. They will be much more open and one can have conversation and talk through solutions. The employees will try to live up to their leaders. Having contests and games will help them keep their energy levels high and this will be reflected in their work.

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