Listening to music makes you and your life better. People listen to music when they are stressed out or when they are in pain. Music relieves stress and eases mental pressure. In a research conducted by a group of Neuroscientists, it is found that music helps to build positive emotions in the reward systems of the brain. This will in turn energize the dopamine which will make you feel good at odd situations. Sometimes listening to music will also help to cure cancer patients in many ways. Listening to music enables smooth functioning of the human brain. Researchers have found many ways to improve the health conditions of ill patients using music. Music has become more powerful than meditation. The following are some of the ways in which music helps revive human soul.

  •         It Reduces Stress- People listen to music when they feel stressed or worried.  Researchers have made significant studies proving the fact that music heals injured souls greatly. Classical and slow music renders a soothing experience to all listeners. Thus whenever you feel low, compile songs of your favourite and listen to them for a while. It is proved that music helps to reduce anxiety and thus it outcasts the need to take anti – anxiety drugs to relieve stress.
  •         It Improves Endurance- Music improves the endurance in you. In a study that was conducted recently by a group of researchers, it was proved that music can enhance endurance by 15%. In the Norwegian study that was conducted recently, it was found that listening to classical music will increase endurance. Another theory proved that listening to classical music for longer periods will help you focus more on your work. In addition to this, it will help you work for longer hours. The acceleration in music is the most important factor that contributes to the increased benefits of music and music learning. The rhythm per minute is very important. In a study that was conducted recently, it was found that the optimal speed of music can range from 125 to 140 bpm.
  •         It Makes You Fit- Music offers a lot of health benefits to people. Instead of eating foods which energize you at times when you feel lazy and drained, try listening to music as it works wonders on your physical and mental wealth. Thus music helps in making your body healthy and fit.
  •         It Will Bring In Happiness- Getting involved in choirs for group singing, will bring in happiness due to social engagements. Even when you are not a trained singer, try joining choir groups in your locality. Thus accept the singing opportunities that come your way rather than thinking on how you will sing it. Music increases the bonding between people. Above all, if you feel uncomfortable singing along with a group, you can always be a bathroom singer.
  •         Learn To Play Any Musical Instrument- It is highly advisable to learn to play any musical instrument at the very early ages of your life, as during adulthood, people will never find time to join classes for music learning. You may also tend to develop regrets later, for not knowing to play a musical instrument throughout your life.
  •         It Makes You Wise- You don’t have to worry about missing the opportunities to learn to play a musical instrument when you were a kid. You can learn and master the skill even now. Learning to play a musical instrument will increase your intelligent quotient (commonly call the IQ) up to seven points. You will also have a social value when you know to play a musical instrument.
  •         It Increases Your Memory Power- Music helps to improve most parts of the brain and its functions. It greatly increases memory power. Also when you are going through tough phases in life, you can always consider engaging yourself in playing any musical instrument. Majority of the researchers hold a common view, that classical music are the best options to remove stress. Thus when you feel low, make sure you listen to some soothing and calm music which heals the soul. Music is also widely used in many child care hospitals to divert the children from the hospital atmosphere.

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