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Make the most of your time.

‘So much to do but so little time.’ Have you not felt this often? All of us have. We are rushing against time to pack in so many things that we don’t even have time to stop and look around us. Our lives run on repeat mode, and while we watch all that time slipping by, what have we accomplished? If you wish to accomplish something and put your time to better use, some discipline and determination will help you go a long way

Make a plan for your life

What is it that you wish to achieve in the long run? Take some time out; think about the goals you want to achieve. Articulate them and note them down somewhere where you can see it every day.
Try to learn from your past mistakes. Yes, you have failed in the past, but it need not be a bad thing. Understand what went wrong and how things could have been better. Use these shortcomings as stepping stones to move forward.

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Choose goals that are challenging

What’s the point in working towards something you know you can achieve? The rush from having succeeded in a challenge is a different kind of high. The drive this creates makes you work harder towards your goals. Ask yourself often whether what you are doing matters to you. This will help you course-correct if required. You may be ‘used’ to doing certain things, but some self-introspection will throw light on your real needs.

Ensure that you focus on what you love doing the most. Try to streamline and optimize the related processes. Understand what will help you perform your favorite tasks in the best possible manner and go for it.

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