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Listen to music for a younger brain

Music is an exercise to your brain; the same way work out at a gym is an exercise for your body. Music stimulates the brain and gives a complete work out to the brain. There is enough research out there to show that music helps to reduce stress and anxiety. Music also helps with insomnia issues, improves memory and mood, helps in pain management, and improves health. Music keeps your brain engaged, and you feel younger too.

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So what’s the connection between music and the brain?

Researchers are trying to figure out how music activates the brain. Music reaches the brain in the form of vibrations through the ear canal. These vibrations are the signals, which are then perceived as music by the brain.

At Johns Hopkins research center, researchers made musicians, rappers, jazz performers lie down inside an fMRI machine and play and improvise their music and while tested and studied how the brain functioned during this process.

The brain benefits from music

Listen to all genres of music, right from what your grandparents heard to what your children listen to. While this variety will challenge the brain, it will also help to get the creative juices flowing eventually.

Music makes you feel nostalgic. It helps evoke memories from long ago. Listening to a song from your childhood days can remind you of your first crush.

Choose your music by seeing how you and your body react to it. A piece of music, which calms you, can be distracting to another. People respond to music in different ways. One size does not fit all.

The music grows on you. A conscious effort taken to appreciate music can also help in understanding it, and one can reap the benefits.

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