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A Healthy You. A Better You.

You look around, and suddenly you find everyone around you very health conscious. The amount of sugar in coffee is decreasing; the number of coffees consumed in a day is reducing, gym memberships are on the rise. One in five people wears fitness bands busy tracking their steps and sleep. Where do you see yourself? Are you also on the path to health redemption or planning to get on to it?

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The stages of transformation

To help you understand your journey better here are some stages where you can find yourself.

1. Should I or Should I not?
You are busy weighing in the benefits and the downside of adopting a new lifestyle. Would it make an impact? You may have to make sacrifices. So, no more binge eating ice creams. There will be a need to fight back cravings. You will have to wake up early for that morning walk or maybe even decide to walk to work. The upside could be a healthier you just a decision away.

2. Yes, I am ready for it.
You have made the decision. You want to move towards a healthier lifestyle, and you have started to plan things accordingly. Right from the food you need to eat to the exercise regime you need to follow, you have set your goal and achieve it.

3. I have taken the first step.
Your lifestyle has started changing. You have accommodated the changes. Now you review your plan, track how far you have reached. You are motivated to reach your goal. You set yourself milestones and also reward yourself for achieving them.

Your new habit – A healthy life

You have established a new routine. You have seen the upside to a healthy life, and you wish to continue. You wish to experiment with newer forms of healthy routines, and now that you have accomplished something, you are ready to take on the world.

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