What exactly does “allowing one’s good” entail? How do allowing and our good link together? Random House dictionary says to allow is to permit something to happen or exist. To permit implies that we are in control, yes? So why in the world would we choose not to permit good things to happen to us? Are we that deeply masochistic? Or perhaps, there is some old programming going on that doesn’t serve us in any shape or form. Grab your shovel, we’re going in deep and we’re going in fast. Insight is the intention here, so let’s begin the dig, shall we?

To permit something to happen or exist implies a choice. Whether that choice is conscious or not, is yet another story. Permitting also implies action. If one repeatedly desires a specific thing to manifest in their lives and it’s simply not happening, then what’s going on? This is where the art of allowing comes in. It truly is an art form and commands the utmost respect, for this is where your dreams are living and breathing…and waiting for you.

The fastest way to tell if one is allowing one’s good or not is to simply reflect on the state of one’s life. If your external reality matches up to your desires, then you are allowing your good to flow. If your reality does not match up to what you are desiring and hasn’t for quite some time, then it’s definitely time to go within and get a clue as to why your good is not flowing to you.

Self probe on these:

  1. What actions can I take that will allow my good to manifest?
  2. Do I have fear on any level about what I say I want?
  3. Do I honestly think I can handle what I say I want?
  4. Do I find excuses not to take the action that I know I need to take?
  5. Is obsessing about the “problem” a usual way of life?
  6. When I think of my desired outcome, is there any negativity that comes along with it?
  7. Am I resistant to life and life’s situations often or am I in the flow?
  8. Am I grateful often or am I a fault-finder?
  9. Where do I hang out more often…in JOY or in negativity?
  10. Am I allowing my well-being or am I sick often?

These initial questions are simply stepping-stones. The golden answers to these questions can act as fuel for delving deeper into discovering where one is in this manifestation process. We are on our own individual divine path…OUR journey. Resist letting the ego compare your journey to others. That just causes unnecessary struggle and more resistance. There is no joy on that road.

Only YOU have the power to permit good things to happen in your life. If you find that you are resisting your good, no worries. Awareness is a big beautiful gift and the first step to healing. Be gentle with yourself. Refrain from self-judgment and remember that you are on your way to discovering why you are resisting your good so you can get on to delightfully manifesting your dreams. Loving and appreciating yourself in the here and now can only help your allowing.

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