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Music works in your favor

If you have ever noticed, you may have used music as a way to distract yourself from stressful situations, while you were studying for your exams to help you concentrate or to pump up the energy while working out. Music elevates your mood and makes you feel better. Music helps in stimulating dopamine in your brain, which is responsible for a heightened sense of emotions. Its neurological role has had many researchers exploring ways to make music improve overall health.

Image showing a smiling girl enjoying music

Music can impact health and well-being

Music can help reduce and prevent anxiety. Some researches show that slow music with a low pitch can calm down people in stressful situations. Even anxiety in patients who have to undergo surgeries can be reduced with music. Babies in neonatal ICU’s have been shown to recover sooner with music compared the ones who didn’t have music.

Music has a role to play in pain management too. Music helps in the release of dopamine, which helps manage pain. Some researches show that post-surgery pain was significantly lesser with music. Music also ensures that you don’t fall sick often by improving your immune system. Some researchers believe that listening to music can help prevent disease.

Music can help one study better too and aids memory too. Dopamine release from listening to music also acts as motivation, which in turn leads to learning and retention.
Music pushes you to work out more. Music often synchronizes with your actions. Those who listened to motivational music on a treadmill were able to go on for longer.

Music can do wonders

Music can lift one’s spirits, change the mood, create memories, evoke memories, increase energy levels, reduce stress levels, manage emotions, and much more. Include music in your daily routine and watch yourself transform for the better.

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