When it is finally time to do a task or complete an errand, like say, going to the bank—is everything you need all in one place that you could search and pick up in 20 seconds? Or everything is in three scattered places that you must do some hunting for a bit and that it would take you almost 6 minutes to be ready? And that also applies to doing anything. Going off to work, shopping for groceries and clothes, paying the water and phone bills, etc. See, learning and knowing how to organize everything requires you to look at each small aspect in your life.

What an ideal world it is…to organize everything and see that everything works well. And below are the 5 stages to go through and move forward so you will finally arrange everything.

Stage 1 to Organize Everything.
Stage 1 is a necessity to encourage and foster the brain in becoming completely organized. Get ahead now and answer these self-questions in Stage 1 first. Readers who skip this stage end up coming back to it afterwards, having not made any improvements and developments with any other stages. What is presently in order and well organized? In the past recent days what have I done efficiently and effectively? Can you give yourself the needed permission to have some time off to ponder about things and events that are presently well organized now?

Stage 2.
By spending some time searching for the reasons why some things are well organized, you would be able to adapt it to organize everything else too. It is quite simple, but it’s also surprising how oftentimes we do not do what’s simple. So what are the Causes of Current Organization? What went well—and why did that go well?

Stage 3. The Organization’s Ideal Vision.
What will a 100% ‘organize everything’ score looks like in your life? How will everything be if it were all well organized?

Stage 4. Write down all that you could think of that you want organized.
Commit yourself to pen and paper or computer detailed notes actual particular things that you can work on to improve how to organize things starting right now.

Stage 5. Continuously organize.
Give and label your possessions (including gardening tools and equipment, bank statements, papers and documents…everything) their own special and specific ‘home’ so that you do not waste time looking for them all over the place. Be very aware of how long each task will take. Keep the diverse items needed for each activity/responsibility/project/task in as few places and areas as possible. Later you can gradually be more diligent about how little time it can take you to complete and finish each project if you had ‘organize everything’ status.

Certainly, if you spend time regularly going over the 5 stages to organize things, you would see and feel wonderful positive results immediately. It could add a greater confidence for you that your really could actually organize all areas of your life.

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