Staying fit is a long term goal that needs the slightest push to get started. Often it is the first step that is always the hardest. Soon, it becomes a downward sloping track that takes the least effort to stay moving. From the way we eat to the way we rest, it is essential to rework every single element so that the changes are very evident in due course of time. It is said that habits are formed not on the number of days of repeating an action. It is more about the deep-rooted connection between the engagement and our mental satisfaction. If we do things that we love, it is going to form into a habit sooner or later.

First Step Towards Health

The relationship between Food & Fitness is a highly imperative one. Nutrient-rich foods are the right answer to a healthy future. Include whole-grain products such as bread in daily diet along with vegetables and fruits. White meat such as poultry and fish are excellent sources of protein and low in fat. Dairy products are a must to be included for a nutrient-rich daily meal. Rice, cereals and bread are whole grains that should be taken up to 11 servings a day. While fruits should be of 4 servings and vegetables to be of 5 servings a day. A serving is calculated as the size of a fist. Food intake is considered as a criterion towards a healthy life. This is due to the role it plays in causing or preventing diseases. Our present food choices often worsen future health conditions. Hence, choosing the right food is crucial for a healthy future.

Going Up The Health Ladder

After food, the next most crucial factor is hydration. Drink plenty of water to keep the electrolytes balanced within the body. Drink beyond 2 litres of water a day for proper detoxification of chemicals and cleansing of the digestive systems. Cutting out food is not an answer to the great question of decreasing the food intake. Food tastes better when savoured in small quantities. Increased body fat often leads to conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, cancer or other conditions. A meal should be a single serving of rice, vegetables, fruits or pasta. Added fats such as mayo, salad dressing or butter should be added in the smallest quantities.

Maintaining A Streak

Not taking meals at regular intervals could mess up the metabolism mechanism from deep within. One mustn’t stay hungry for long. Keep food in the system, albeit being in small quantities. This helps keep food consumption in check and helps prevent overeating. Keeping a journal of food consumption is very crucial to plan accordingly. Make it a habit to do exercises at least 3-4 times a week and thereby improve stamina. Despite all these, try to get upto eight hours of deep sleep a day.

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