How to set up a quarantine workout routine at home?

Quarantine and lockdown have exposed us to a new normal lifestyle of being sedentary and desk-bound. At this time, what more would be perfect than setting up a home gym and devising a new quarantine workout plan for everyone’s good? And for all the couch potatoes who thought that skipping a meal could satisfy your entire weight loss requirement, you must understand that for a healthy weight reduction a perfect combination of workout along with diet is essential. Hence, without much ado, let us tune on to the top five workout routines that are perfect for your quarantine days.

Why is a workout essential?

Apart from the usual concern of adding on your weight, quarantine presents you with unwanted stresses also. Regardless to say, boredom and poor choices of food are resulting in unusual weight gain and inflammation amongst commoners. To come out of these self-imposed adversities, it is crucial to have a healthy workout regime inside the house to keep your calories burning. Learn the various ways of relieving your weight and stress with the following workout ideas.

Top five quarantine workout ideas

Quarantine workouts are a great way of keeping your body in motion, and maintaining your body weight and releasing stress-dissuading endorphins for your mental health as well. Look around your house for simple equipment that can offer external loads such as dumbbell, kettlebell or a barbell for your training purposes. Utilize these simple weights and modify your gym exercises such as lunges, presses, pulls squats, and planks for a foolproof exercise regime for your home environment. Read on to understand the step-by-step processes of converting these simple exercises to homebound bodyweight workout.


While preparing for this fantastic quarantine workout, it will be ideal if you remove shoes or wear lifting shoes. Since the squatting positions depend upon the limb length and range of motion, make sure you educate yourself the perfect posture through online tutorials. Squats are incredibly beneficial for building muscles and for losing weight.

Stand with your feet about hip apart and engage your back muscles. Ensure that the body weight is evenly distributed between both feet. Keep your back straight and bend the knees to the squat position by keeping the weight in the heels. Straighten back the knees and move the hip back to starting position. During the whole process, do not let your knees cave in and also make sure that abs are engaged without letting the back arch in a while using a barbell.

Push up

Make your regular push up more perfect with the following quarantine workout tip from some of the leading trainers. Push-ups are a great quarantine workout that is quite effective for building strength. Prepare yourself to the push-up position with the hands-on floor, and hips tucked under. Slowly pull yourself towards the floor, keeping your chest stretched and shoulder blades entirely squeezed. While doing the workout, ensure that you do not allow your hips to sag.

Walking lunge

Walking lunges are an excellent workout for improving your balance and for achieving a symmetrical toning. This workout is also beneficial for a healthy spine providing it with the best rest while focusing on improving the limb strength. Engaging this workout with a dumbbell in hands can be a perfect bodyweight exercise.

Make a big step forward while placing the foot flat on the ground. Bend both the knees forward until they are bent at 90 degrees and your front thigh is parallel to the floor. Trainers emphasize the focus to be on the glutes with torsos leaning forwards over the front leg, and dumbbells kept closer to the knee. Use straps to prevent grips from limiting your movements when using dumbbells

Plank rotation

This workout is exceptionally excellent for activating abdominal muscles as well as to tighten the waistline. Plank rotation can significantly improve your core strength and also improve body balance. Improve your plank exercise benefits by slowly lifting one leg off the floor, and slowly rocking back and forth on your forearm. Initially keep your stance wider for increased stability.


V-sit workouts require you to extend your legs out straight and torso off the ground to form a V-shape. This exercise focuses primarily on the external and internal oblique along with rectus abdominis providing great balance to the core and trunk.

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