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Oriented Results of Spirituality in Education

Spirituality is a very varied idea with many perspectives lingering to it. But in simple words it can be explained as the wisdom of having a connection with something bigger than oneself. Literally, in search for the meaning of one’s life. In life Education plays a major role in deciding where one goals to reach, thus making mental maturity as the main concern. Spirituality in education is believed to be helping in grooming a student’s behavior and thought process. Belief is God and respect to parents; teachers and elders seem to increase with the influence of Spirituality in Education. Mentors at Chinmaya IAS Academy seem to conceive on this concept and claim on improved behavioral pattern in students.

Reason for Spiritualism in Education

Education is considered to have a good enhancement in students working and behavioral quality with the effects of spiritualism. There are many values that have been taught and passed-on for ages from ancestral people, which are being nurtured and continued by society and living even till today. The reason for a harmonious existence between living and nature are these values. Find out more on the need of spirituality in education.

Education not only targets to bring out successful students in understanding just machines languages but also help one be successful in understanding the cultural Samsakara and way of living. It is to be understood that “culture” is not defined here by fashion and food, which even the unrefined are good at.

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Role of Spirituality in Education

Not including Spirituality as part of one’s life is considered a gaffe, as it does not allow the body to be connected with the internal soul. Major problems arise in this world due to the same corrupt attitude followed by many humans. Creating a balance between the body and soul is vital and this can be achieved with Spirituality.

The body comprises of the food we intake while the soul conceives a lot of in-depth information of all that it sees in and around the world. Every person’s understanding of the body as known but materialistic and the soul as unknown but divine is important. Lacking this understanding will thus lead to life becoming incomplete. Art of learning that Spiritual understanding and materialistic knowledge run parallel to each other is Education.
Mentors at Chinmaya IAS Academy follow the below points to achieve Spirituality in Education

  • The real nature of an Individual should be perceivable through Education.
  • Defining Life as a play with one’s own consciousness.
  • Awareness towards the equation of Materialistic life and the soul within is significant
  • Realization of the Divine helps with realization of the purpose of life.
  • Maintaining a balance between Body and soul is to be taught to students so as to keep the balance intact.
  • Educate to make our mind follow the right so as to live in the current.
  • Allow students to take destiny as it comes and accept life as a present from Divinity to remain calm and in equipoise at all circumstances.

When Spirituality is completely incorporated in the education system, students will not just make a living, but will make it a successful one, and would consider every moment in life as a blessing.

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Self – Effort is Not Everything

In Spirituality it is significant that self-effort is not all. When stress is applied more on self-effort and the mind, Ego and selfishness creeps into one. The present faces the same. Every student should also learn the education for life in all the hustle of life in studying hard, acquiring a degree, earning a good living, etc. Education for life is nothing but practicing affection, care, endurance, compassion, etc. This in turn will create a sense of obligation towards other humans and other living beings in this world.

Along with achieving academic excellence Mentors at Chinmaya IAS Academy are exposing students to new opportunities helping them use their complete ability to also have an appreciative and positive approach towards life from the perspective of Spirituality. The achievements of the institution not only looks at academics but also self-progress through Spirituality. As an IAS it is important to serve the society with an unconditional love and positive attitude and this is conceived well by the Mentors at Chinmaya IAS Academy.

The vision needs to change where the materialistic world with spiritual thinking can be conceived together. This will stop humanity from violence, corruption, etc., and help life filled with peace and harmony among all living beings.

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