Different people have different definitions to spirituality. The online encyclopaedia, commonly called the Wikipedia describes spirituality as concepts which can be experienced as generators of inspiration. They can also emphasise trust and belief on all things which are immaterial realities on the earth or can enable people experience the essence of the subjective world they live in.

Dalai Lama, a ruler of Tibet, connects spirituality to feelings like love, humility, compassion, respect, patience, responsibility, patience and co-existence. He also believes that it is always possible to cultivate the value of spirituality in all human beings and he explains that spirituality is one such attribute, which the human beings will not be able to live without unlike religiosity.

Albert Einstein, a famous scientist and the inventor of light bulb, is equally popular for his views on spirituality as well. He believed that spirituality and deep connections with god arise only when people connect themselves with nature and interact with them. All human beings form an integral part of the universe and it is equally important to stay connected to every matter around. People have never ending quests and searches.

Some have clear visions of themselves and also about the things around them, while some don’t. Discussed below are few tips to lead a healthy spiritual life

  •         Embrace and value yourself: All human beings dream about them in all possible ways. They have fixed goals and they work hard unconditionally to achieve them and remain successful. But simultaneously, learn to embrace your flaws and appreciate yourself. Self acceptance and satisfaction are the key factors which help you value and comprehend yourself. Embrace your pain and sufferings to enjoy and understand love and compassion. Being humble and kinds to others, transforms you into complete spiritual beings. Accept your weaknesses and imperfections. Life on earth is temporary for all living things. Circumstances may arise, where people will one day may tend to leave the earth physically, but their spiritual beings continue to live and exist, which thereby progresses to begin its divine journey.
  •         Live the moment: A majority of human beings have the habit of brooding over their past and thus they become anxious and perplexed about their future. Live your lives to the fullest. This is the only way to lead a happy life. Enjoy your present. The idea of living with soulful presence with at most involvement takes time to develop and requires a great deal of commitment as well. The time which is spent on beautifying your present is always worth spending. Living and appreciating the actual moment helps in the rejuvenation of thoughts and disciplining the minds. Become aware of the every breath you take in and understand its influences in your life.
  •         Love yourself unconditionally: Becoming more and more compassionate towards you helps in the development of self love. Love your inner self deeply. Loosen your attachments with the material world you are accustomed live in, to acquire attachments with your inner being. Learn to appreciate your internal life. Do not take pride of yourself and turn egoistic, but remain satisfied with yourself and your possessions. It is not always possible to find answers to all your questions, and thus take an off from quenching your thirsts in finding new answers. Like footprints, the spiritual lives of all human beings are different from one another. Do not compare your road to success and spiritual excellence with that of the other’s. Never compare yourself with others and lose confidence in your being. Changes are the only aspects which remain constant in today’s materialistic world. Each journey of yours is a learning experience. Lessons learnt from these learning, are sure to accompany you throughout your lifetime.

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