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With both girls in school, at two different locations and two different times, I find it imperative to keep our family’s schedule organized. Throw in doctor’s appointments, dentist’s appointments, parent volunteer activities and early dismissal times, my brain would explode trying to keep track of everything on my own without some sort of visual aid.

That is why I like to use a huge desktop calendar to write everything down, so that not only I know what’s going on, but Paul can see what’s going on with me and the kids. And while it could be as simple as writing events down on a calendar, I like to be even more organized by color coding things using products like Sharpie Ultra Fine Point Markers, Papermate Ink Joy Pens and Expo Neon Window Markers that I purchased from Office Depot.
At the beginning of our main hallway is our little organization hub. It’s the perfect spot because It’s pretty much the center of the house. It’s a spot we walk by countless times during the day and the calendar is displayed at eye level and hard to miss. To keep our markers, pens and highlighters organized, I put them in cute pint-sized mason jars that are placed in one large caddy. And I also threw in some white-out, post-its, tabs, etc into the caddy. The Sharpie markers and Papermate pens keep our calendar looking bright and fun and visually appealing.Family Organized
And for the important events that Paul needs to make sure he’s home on time for, I like to use the Expo Neon Window markers to write on our mirrors. I even leave myself notes on mirrors to remember the crazy dismissal times and appointments I need to remember. It really is essential for me to stay on top of things.

So if you’ve got a crazy schedule now that school is back in session, I highly recommend that you write your schedule down! Don’t rely on your brain. Most moms and dads are sleep-deprived with a gazillion things running through their minds throughout the day. Create a family calendar! Leave yourself notes around the house! Visual reminders are what keep our family organized, and you never know, it may work for your family, too!

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