Movie and Music

Nowadays, most of us enjoy watching movies in a theater or home. In fact, it would be right to say that movies and music have become a major entertainment source for most people around the world. People used to watch movies with their friends and families to enjoy their time. Nowadays, we see movies coming with many special effects and sound effects. These special effects enhance our movie-watching experience and give a highly realistic feel. But do you know that the first movie did not have any sound? Just read on further to know the history and evolution of movie and music.

Movie and Music

The history of film started in the year 1980, after the first motion picture camera, production companies, and movie theaters. During that time, film ran just less than a minute and did not have any sound. Initially, the film was made in black/white and did not have any panning shots. This is due to the limitations of motion camera at that time. In the year 1987, rotating camera was introduced to take panning shots. In the same year, the first film studio was built for making movies. From 1890 to 1927, films did not have sound because the technology of sound synchronization was not developed.

In the earlier days, movies with sound were called as talking pictures or simply talkies. The first full-length movie released as talkie was The Jazz Singer, which was released in the year 1927. This talkie was made using sound film system called Vitaphone. Invention of synchronization of sound into the movies made United States a strong leader in the world of commercial entertainment system. Europe was worried about talkies, as they believed that usage of sound in movies would diminish the focus on aesthetics and related things. In India, sound in movies was the turning point that accelerated the expansion of country’s film industry. Now what we have is the new 5d, 6d,7d, evolution.

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