As many of you have probably noticed, I have taken a break from blogging for, well, nearly a month now! Iím sorry that I pulled away while in the middle of the series on situational modesty-I didnít want to quit after dealing with only one situation! I didnít want to leave our readers hanging! That said, I do not regret the decision to stop writing for a while. My life had become rather disorderly and discouraging because of some wrong thinking and wrong actions that I had allowed to creep in. So after talking with Nathaniel about my need for focusing on the basics, he agreed that I should put down the pen and take care of my top priorities. And really, thatís what this has been all about-priorities. God has created me and saved me to be first and foremost His daughter, His maidservant, His worshiper. And He has given me in marriage to my husband Nathaniel, to be his wife, his helper, his home-maker. My job, my career as it were, is to serve my God by serving my husband. Itís incredible the way even good things can turn into major distractions when we set them up as more important than simple obedience to what God has clearly commanded in His word.

And such has been the case with writing for this blog. I had begun to view it as my job, and I approached it in a professional manner, seeking to do my best, meet deadlines, etc. And with the same mentality as the modern feminist, I eagerly threw myself into the task, the ìministryî, and allowed that to become more important to me than my wifely duties. Having something else-something more visible to the rest of the world-made me feel important. When people asked what I do, I could now say that Iím more than just a housewife-Iím a writer, too! But why do I want more? Why is serving God and my husband not enough? Because I was seeking the praise of man, and I was allowing humanistic, feminist ideas to influence both my thinking and my actions! It played out something like this: Week one: I love being at home serving my husband. Iím so glad that he supports me in staying home and not having a career-itís such a blessing to be able to focus on serving God in our home.

With that in mind, Nathaniel has encouraged me in my decision to start a blog with Abigail-we really want to share a vision for biblical womanhood with young ladies, challenging them to obey what God has commanded us as women. Itíll be a good outlet for my many ideas and writing. God has done so much in my life to conform me to what He desires, and it has brought great blessing! I want to share this with others. Week two: Blogging is going well, weíre growing; itís fun and challenging. Spent too much time online reading and commenting on other blogsÖIíve neglected the laundry for a few daysÖI really need to get that done! All in all, though, Iím managing things pretty well. Week three: God seems to really be using our blog to encourage other girls in their walk with Christ! Thereís so much I want to write about! I think Iíll write a series on situational modesty! And I need to set deadlinesÖbe really professional about thisÖother bloggers seem to be doing well by doing this or thatÖI think Iíll try that. Might take a little more time, but the more people know about our blog, the more God can reach with our message about biblical womanhood! Week four: Got up and saw Nathaniel off to work.

Then logged on to the computer. Iíve got a lot to do today, and I wanted to get going on my writing. Oh, dear. I ended up spending three hours in front of the computer-writing and surfing blogs. Iím such an information junkie. SighÖend of the day, what have I gotten doneÖwhoa, I hardly got anything done that I intended to do. AndÖwell, I guess Iíll read a Psalm before I go to bed. Week five: Three articles into the series on situational modesty. Itís really been a blessing to see how ladies have responded-kinda calmed my fears that Iíd be stepping on peopleís toes. My morning Bible study has been anything but consistent latelyÖand usually I end up reading Godís word for my writing more than to spend time with himÖthatís not quite best, but at least Iím in the word each day! I think Iíll go to the coffee shop to write and studyÖI feel more professional there than at home. Week six: UGGÖI do NOT want to write this next article. The swimsuit thing was a lot of work, and people seemed to appreciate itÖbut this next article might really stir things upÖI am dreading writing it! SighÖand thereís so much piled up here around the houseÖand Iíve been so emotional lately-itís like Iím driven by my emotions. Whatís up with that? Week seven: Ok, this article is not writing itself, so Iíd better get started on it. Iíll do an outline.

There, my notes are done. Wow, thatís a lot to cover. Oh, I want to write it now, but there is a huge stack of dishes to be washed! Good grief! I wish those dishes would just do themselves! This takes so long. How am I supposed to keep up with a decent writing schedule when it takes so long to keep up with things around the house? And I just have to do it all over again the next day?!?! Iím a writer, why should I have to deal with this stuff? Iíll just get Nathaniel to help me clean up this eveningÖ Breaking point: Wow, I used to love serving and cleaning and organizing. I love being at home, and I love being a home-maker for my husband. So why have I not enjoyed it lately? Gasp! Iíve placed other things above the things that are most important! Iím just like the career-minded woman-even though Iím not getting paid and Iím not even leaving my home, I have sought to escape my most basic responsibilities, neglecting them to pursue something else! If I have as my highest daily priority something other than worshiping the Lord and serving my husband,

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