If you like the idea of sitting in nice office for the rest of your life plugging away creating online media ideas so that your boss can make a million is frankly Not too very appealing. Why work hard making money for someone else , when you can be your own boss and blog for a living? I do not encourage you to quit your day job and start venturing into online business but i will encourage anyone to start blogging to earn money , stay committed to their current job ,yet still progress in their career . Earn Money wherever and whenever you can for everyday , as you never know when you will need it most. Get Blogging Now !! Start TODAY!! Starting ‘tomorrow’ never will never come , but if you Begin Now , you will have made a commitment to yourself. You can’t make money blogging if you don’t start. ” No Venture, No Gain ! ” Before your blog can become popular you need to attract followers and advertisers , increase traffic and find good affiliate partner to support your blog , all of which take time. So, don’t put it of , Never Procrastinate . This is probably the most crucial step. Start Blogging Now Show your Passion Find something you are passionate about and start planning your blog . Maybe you like pets , jewellery or fashion trends or you like to share your skills in , home improvement or do-it-yourself skills crafts ? There are thousands of subjects worth blogging about and plenty of advertisers to tap into, you just have to find something you are passionate about and then start introducing in your blog Do your Research Before you are able to proceed monetization , and start converting from your ads , you need to drive traffic to your website and blogs.

The best way you can get traffic is by producing good, high quality content that is rich in keywords. Before you get started , take some time to do keyword research. Learn how to write an article with good content and practice on article marketing and bookmarking Take some time to research Search Engine Optimization (SEO) trends and keywords for article marketing . It will take some time and effort , but eventually you’ll settle down with a prompt and effective marketing schedule How do you find advertisers? Advertisers are the main source of income to blogger , you just have to know where to find them. The major objective is therefore to drive massive traffic to your blog and once if you are able to achieve high clicks and audience , advertisers will start finding you. But, until you have managed to reach high traffic to your site , The best way to make money for your blog is to get involved in lead generation and affiliate marketing programs. Affiliate marketing will help you locate advertisers from a variety of categories that will pay you whenever you refer traffic to them through your website. One of the popular ways to make money from blogging is through Google AdSense. This PPC (pay-per-click) advertising method is an absolute must have if you are a beginning blogger.

All you have to do is run the AdSense script on your blog and Google will automatically place ads that are relevant to your blog content. . Banner ads and text ads are another common form of advertising method and can be beneficial in building traffic and sales bringing lucrative money. Keep on blogging. Blogging may earn you millions ,over time , now with integration of social media tools, Venture capitalist all around the world are all looking for new media ideas to build up possible business model similar to facebook which itself is a billion dollar generating machine . From here we witness the many hundreds of social and business Networking sprouting up online , with each trying their means to be the next facebook. Monetary Gain and Knowledge Gain For Blogging , It takes time to develop a loyal audience and increase traffic. Don’t give up if you don’t have thousands of visitors in the first three month -chances of that happening are 1 in a million. Don’t expect to become rich overnight and don’t let yourself think that making money online doesn’t take work. The harder you work, the more likely you are to be successful.

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