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Schools should recognize the need for music education

Although music is not given as much importance as core academic subjects, research proves the need to do otherwise. Music helps in multi-faceted development in a student, which becomes an integral part of a student’s life. Even if schools are not willing to participate in this regard, parents should look at inculcating an interest in music in their children. Private classes for music can always be considered as an option by parents when it comes to music education for their children. The benefits of teaching music will always outweigh the investment.

Five kids playing violin in their instrument class

Music helps develop multiple skills.

Training in music helps develop the part of the brain, which is responsible for processing language. This way, a music learner is also wired to acquire more language skills. Since music requires a lot of listening, it helps in auditory development of the brain, which leads to better listening skills. Reading music involves the calculation of notes and rhythm. Learning music can translate to acquiring math skills too. Music nurtures creativity, which has a positive impact on a child’s future.

Music improves academic performance

Research has proven that children with a high level of music training perform better in tests and score more than those who do not have exposure to music training. Music encourages students to try something new, thereby developing their self-esteem and confidence. Research has shown that the brain of a musician works differently than the brain of a non-musician. There is more neural activity seen in the brain of a musician because, while playing music there is a need to multi-task. Music acts as a stress buster, and children benefit greatly from it. Music learned have proven to have higher graduation rates than those who gave music a miss.

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