Music connects with you

Music can affect the way you feel. You can associate so many memories with music- the song that you danced to on your farewell night at school or that first song you sang in front of an audience. You can feel energetic the minute you hear a peppy piece or even sad when a heartfelt, soulful melody is played. 

Music can heal

Listening to music heals your brain and body. And you can see music is prevalent across all cultures. The basics of music are also the same across. Music therapy is an established practice in many parts of the world. It helps in various ways by improving cognitive functions, improving memory, lowering stress, and decreasing depression.

Image showing a man playing guitar in a show

Music can become a part of your routine

Here are some ways in which you can introduce music into your daily life. 

  1. Start early in the morning, when you get up. Play a few tracks, which can uplift your mood, and get you charged for the day.
  2. Decide on what you want to listen to. Make a playlist of your favorite numbers. There are so many apps out there; you can choose whichever one you are comfortable with.
  3. Groove to your music. If you are shy, you can lock your door. And if you love some fun tag along with a friend or your partner.
  4. Get experimental. Learn an instrument and maybe create your music if it interests you.
  5. Go on a lyrical journey. Try writing down the words of your favorite song that is stuck in your head. It may be there for a reason. Try to understand the significance of that song in your life.
  6. Put on your thinking hat and pen a song. Most heartfelt songs are personal experiences of the writers. Your song could feature on the chartbusters. Just write whenever you feel like.

Music can change the way you live your life. So, go ahead and take the plunge.

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