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It is said that people who are involved in spiritual activities live longer in this world. You would have seen older people visiting churches or temples regularly possess better health compared to others. There are several types of research conducted to study the connection between spirituality and well-being of people. Spiritual people feel better, and this impacts their health. The following are some of the research findings that talks about the connection between spirituality and health of people.

Visiting Church

Spiritual people visit the church regularly, and it is said that people who attend church service are less likely to die compared to others. This was a research finding which was conducted with a group of nearly 4000 people of age 64 to 101. People who took an active part in religious activities live for a more extended number of years. There is a reduction in the mortality rate of regular churchgoers. Visiting church regularly gives a chance to interact with other spiritual people of the same wavelength.

Image showing a man prays from the mountain in a sunset day

Spirituality And Healthy Habits

Spiritual people follow certain healthy habits in their life. This offers certain health benefits and contributes to improving the quality of their life. Thus religious people with good habits live longer.

Healthy Habits: Spiritual people follow certain healthy habits in their daily life. These healthy habits create a positive effect on their health. With proper healthy habits like practising yoga, meditation, eating a healthy diet, etc., they experience several health benefits. Spiritual people can combat depression and anxiety with healthy habits. They also enjoy certain health benefits like controlled blood pressure, improved cardiovascular health etc. They avoid alcohol consumption, and this directly impacts their health. Thus spiritual people with healthy habits live longer compared to others.

The above offers a clear insight into the connection between spirituality and the lifetime of people.

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