There are several people I know that have hand knit sweater. I didn’t know that until the discussion about hand knit sweater came up during dinner. Normally we don’t talk about things like hand knit sweater during dinner, we usually talk about our days and what’s new in our lives. My friends and relatives are all getting hand knit sweater. THat’s a bit unusual. Considering that people have different tastes, and it’s like how many people in your family’s favorite color is Pale Blue. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t say it’s avery bad thing. I mean it’s fine, it doesn’t affect me either way. I’m all good with it. The excellent about my life right now is I’ve found the one person I want to spend the rest of my life with. Howreally fun is that? I’m just so so outstanding right now.

There’s no way I can say what’s I’m feeling. I was hardly listening when my family was eating chicken and rambling about hand knit sweater. I had major things to think about. I was thinking about telling my friends through AIM but decided on an email. I don’t want to spend one hour talking about finding my soulmate, they won’t be as plumped about as I am. They might be thinking about the next movie or getting off work so they can head over to the bar. I found out last Thursday that I couldn’t live without this person in my life and that’s when it hit me. I’m looking at my family but they are still so busy talking about hand knit sweater that I don’t feel like interrupting them and letting them know that I am going to be engaged very soon. I can just feel an engagement in the works in the next few weeks.

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