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Researches have shown that values carried by both religion and Spirituality are important to human life. Humans believe in God and in Spirituality, but unfortunately many religious beliefs affect the same thought process due to their ways of living. The ideas in the minds of people nowadays are very varied when it comes to the afterlife, miracles and many other religion based beliefs.

To cope with a disease like cancer, many patients suffering and their caretakers start practicing and believing in spiritualism. Depending on the traditions followed in an individual’s culture and religion, their needs differ. A very last stage cancer patient will look for spiritual help to either to pacify himself of the nervousness he feels about death or on how to deal with his or her treatment till demise.

Research team at Anderson Diagnostics has proven that support obtained from spiritualism is very vital for a very sick cancer patient so as to recuperate their Living Quality of Life. Every healthcare unit are finding new and unique methods through Spirituality to help cancer patients with their concerns. Find out more on how spirituality can help cancer patients recoup.

Spirituality – a Path to Eminent Living

Spirituality being related to betterment in health is a fact unknown. It is through various studies and practices its proven that certain beliefs in Spirituality renders positivity and better mental strength. This in turn will help patients have both physical and mental stability and pave the way towards an eminent way of Living. The same is the case with every cancer patient’s caretakers too.

The following are the few well-beings that Spirituality brings about in a patient and caretaker’s life.

  1. Rage, Nervousness, despair and uneasiness decreases
  2. Cutback on loneliness and suicidal tendencies
  3. Drug and Alcohol habits are reduced
  4. Blood pressure is stable thus lowering any kind of heart diseases
  5. Patient is able to adapt to the treatment methodology in a better way
  6. Ensures better ways of life during cancer and its treatment period
  7. The feel of betterment is achieved while undergoing cancer
  8. Feeling of Positivity increases
    · Confidence and Hopefulness
    · Free of any regrets
    · Feeling of satisfaction with life
    · Internal tranquility is achieved

All the above advantages with Spirituality playing a major role in one’s life makes them live a longer life. It is important to meet experienced spiritual frontrunners for help, so as to not go into Spiritual anguish.

A lady with folded hands praying for the speedy recovery of her loved one.

A Spiritual Evaluation

Many doctors use the spiritual evaluation method to assess what Spirituality can bring about in a person suffering from cancer. The research team of Anderson Diagnostics believes that conducting Spiritual evaluation will in turn help them assess the patient’s level of response to cancer treatments. Usage of questionnaire is one way to understand a patient’s spiritual needs if they themselves do not open up on his or her own terms.

Below are a set of assessment points to be considered for evaluation of a cancer patient on their spiritual needs

  • Spiritual Values
  • Life’s viewpoint
  • Practices followed as part of Spirituality
  • Spirituality as life’s power pack
  • Being associated with a community group
  • Meditation and recitation of prayers
  • Strength one has on Faith
  • Thoughts on demise and afterlife

Apart from the above, if a cancer patient has any more spiritual concerns, it needs to be shared so as to provide the right remedy.

A doctor holding the hands of an elderly patient assuring him of great care.

Attending to Patient’s Spiritual Needs

Spirituality is considered to be something very personal in every human life. Value and respect should be given to every cancer patient’s spiritual needs and concerns. The team from Anderson during their examination has concluded that every patient who trusts on Spirituality as their way to cope with their health, it is vital for the health care to provide the necessary support. Many spiritual groups and associations are present who deal optimistically with patients suffering from cancer. Many who deny care through Spirituality should also be respected similarly with their wishes.

  • Suggesting choices that create a sense of care for the patient’s spiritual opinions should be considered
  • Being positive with the ways of spiritualism adopted by the patient is important
  • Every encouragement provided to continue speaking to their spiritual mentors is necessary
  • Providing referrals to communities and associations for those in need of help is good during the sickness period.
  • Many try to adapt therapeutically ways of spiritually handling patients through yoga, meditation, arts and crafts, music etc. are to be considered.

Overall it is important to give care and concern to every cancer patient’s Spiritual needs so as to provide them with ways to betterment and advanced care.

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