Self Motivation And Our Emotions

There are days when you feel motivated and there are days when you feel a slump. It really depends on your emotions. They’re a leading factor that decides things you do and don’t do. You sometimes don’t feel like even getting up from the bed or doing your chores. Our emotions can be a guiding factor that can lead our lives if you don’t have control over them. It can make you believe in the worse and think negative.

You will end up living an unhappy life. Emotions are formed by the brain that perceives information. If you feed your brain with negativity, it will form negative emotions. It is the neurotransmitter that helps our brain to form opinions or feelings. The release of endorphins and dopamine in our brain is key to determine our motivations. There are a few self motivation tips which can be practiced every morning to help you stay motivated the whole day.

How To Manage Our Mood To Stay Motivated?

You must be aware that our emotions can get control of every single thing we do. It is critical that we learn to cultivate positive emotions that can help us increase our motivation levels. For the day to go well, you need to start your day feeling motivated and focused. Avoid reading emails first thing in the morning. It could ruin your whole day and you are letting others to control your motivation. There is nothing worse than starting your day with criticism, tragic news, arguments and you start defending from there on. Start your day with 16 oz of water. It is a simple practice that has numerous benefits. Water refuels the brain, starts your metabolism, increases your alertness and fights sickness.

Exercises can transform the way you feel. Even a little exercise in the morning can boost endorphins that can increase the energy level. You will feel less stress the entire day. Meditation can also improve your emotions a lot. You can meditate to bring in happiness, focus, and relaxation. It can help you think clearly. Listening to music that motivates you will do wonders. Music has the power to release motivating neurotransmitters in our brains.

Be Proactive And Lead From Front

It is easy to give way to our emotions. You must lead from the front and design your own life. It is important that you determine where you want to be. You must have your own mission statement and personal vision. The most successful people have a mission and a vision that acts as a guiding factor in their life. Statistics reveal that less than 3% live by this rule and they are all pretty successful. It actually helps you to start your day focussed and motivated. You will start with tasks that take you one step closer to your vision. Either you lead your life or someone or something will lead it for you. If you stay proactive and have a plan to keep you motivated, nothing will stop you from your dreams.

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