What Motivates Our Elderly?

It is better late than never. Or, it is never too late to start something new. It all lies in how motivated we are in each phase of our life. Life is great and it is magical. You never know what’s going to cross our path. We get better with age with so much life experience and opportunities. In the rat race, a lot of us lose sight of our goals, dreams and interests. Once we age and lead a retired life, life will come to standstill and we seldom think of our interest. At this stage it is important to remain active mentally and physically. Whatever motivates and inspires them can be taken as a goal.

Goals can be as simple as a video chat with the grandchildren. Engaging with family and community can help boost your mind with happiness. Finding their independence to do chores like arranging a housekeeper, grocery deliveries, scheduling social day programs on your own. Independence makes life more enjoyable and manageable. Keeping oneself fit and healthy can be another important goal that can motivate the elderly. Take it slow and build momentum over time. Walk for thirty minutes three times a day.

How Can We Help?

Retirement phase is a great opportunity to set personal goals. We no longer are a part of the rat race and no more responsibilities. It is the right time to get them to pursue their interests. Caregivers can help elders to develop plans that set motivations for seniors. We need to help them understand the purpose of each goal. They can focus on one goal at a time. Understanding the objective and purpose will excite them and make them stay motivated. These goals should also match their abilities. If a goal becomes too heavy they may get discouraged or burnt out. Don’t let them walk for five miles per day, five days a week. It is heavy for their age. Start with something small.

Make goals more manageable for them. It will help them feel accomplished when they complete a large set of tasks and will actually motivate them to continue. Take for instance walking, let them walk twice a week for a month and then let them gradually increase for the subsequent months. They will feel connected to the progress and start taking interest.

How Can We Start?

If your interests are appropriate and you have the ability, it is never too late to start a goal. Encouragement of friends and family can help them generate motivation. They can have a walking buddy to stay motivated to be fit. Keeping a journal is another way to feel connected and inspired. Losing sight of purpose will make them lose momentum. Before they start with the goal it is important that we arrange for the resources else they will lose interest and grip on the goal. An alternate plan should be devised which can be followed if there is any hurdle.

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