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How to keep yourself active without going to a gym?

Do you have less time to spend in a day? Most people try to preserve one to two hours in a day for a workout but unfortunately, other things will occupy those preserved hours. It happens for most people constantly. There is a solution to this issue. You need to look for ways to indulge in physical activity in day to day life when you cannot go to the gym. Instead of working out in a gym continuously for 1 hour in a day, you can find 10 ways that keep you active always. It is well known that working out for 1 hour is much more effective than doing other activities. But indulging in other activities is better than doing nothing.

Tips to increase your daily physical activity

We have shared 22 small tips to improve physical activity all through your day.

  1. Use the stairs every time instead of the elevator.
  2. Bike or walk to reach your office instead of driving.
  3. Stand and do work instead of sitting. Do not spend a long time sitting in one place.
  4. Park your vehicle at a far place instead of parking close to your door.
  5. Whenever you get free time, do abdominal crunches, push-ups, jumping jacks, or just walk around.
  6. Go outside and play with your kids.
  7. Run and walk along with your kids.
  8. While brushing teeth, do some squats.
  9. Do lunges or squats when you are waiting for your food to get prepared in the microwave.
  10. During lunch break hours, go for a walk.
  11. If you are a person who spends a long time sitting in front of a computer, walk once in 30 minutes. Give yourself a break by just walking around your workplace or house.
  12. Walk to your office or house by getting off the bus 1 stop in advance.
  13. Wash your car instead of hiring someone to wash and clean your car.
  14. Do your housework.
  15. When you are feeling bored, play your favorite music and dance till you get tired.
  16. Always keep hand weights near your desk. When you are on phone calls, do tricep and bicep exercises.
  17. Clean the leaves by raking instead of utilizing a leaf blower.
  18. Shovel manually instead of utilizing the snowblower.
  19. If you have fixed a meeting with a small group of people, you can discuss it by walking and talking. Instead of just sitting and talking in the meeting, you can get up and move around as you discuss.
  20. If you have decided to meet your friend, invite him/her to a park.
  21. Maintain your garden by pruning, weeding, etc.
  22. Plant a garden and take care of it regularly.

Keep yourself on the go

Ensure to keep yourself active by indulging in some activity or another. The more you remain idle, the more you become lazy. If you have decided to lead an active life, you need to take steps and implement them to make it happen.

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