When it comes to physical fitness, endurance training is one of the best methods for it. A good blend of cardio with weight training is what gets you to peak condition. Increase your aerobic capacity with high-intensity interval training or HIIT, and you’ll be in the best shape of your life. And not to mention sweating bucket loads and burning calories by the tubs.

But for endurance training, you need to prepare your body because it is very demanding. In this post, we give you tips that help you train for endurance and get you in the fittest shape!

Eat, Hydrate And Photograph

  • The first mistake people make is to eat willy-nilly. You need to eat with purpose and ensure that what you consume gives you the most nutrition. Every bite you put in your body should fuel your workout and optimise your body.
  • The next common error is not drinking enough water. One gallon of water is a must each day. If possible, have ice-cold water right in the morning to boost your metabolism. The more you hydrate, the more your GI tract remains healthy, and the better you absorb all the minerals, vitamins.
  • The scale is often not the best method to check your progress. Because while the net weight of your body might still be the same, you may be shedding fat and gaining muscle. Which is the best kind of growth.

A savvier technique is to click photographs of the front, back, and sides from every angle possible. Take them in the same clothes and in the same light. They will give you a clearer picture of your progress.

Lower Body, Form And Breaks

  • The tip experts give to burn fat in the abdomen is to attack the lower body. Every time you work below the navel, the tummy flattens. This happens because legs have more mass. Each time you do lower-body training exercises, you burn more calories which help reach peak fitness faster.
  • Endurance and strength training put the body through a lot of hoops. It is essential to maintain the correct form throughout the strenuous activity because it activates the right muscle groups you want to bring in shape. More than that, you’ll remain injury-free and healthy, which is a big issue while working out.
  • HIIT takes a lot from the body. So, in between reps, it is tempting to increase the break time from recommended to 45 seconds to more. Do not fall into the allure. Stick to the given break time, be it 30 or 45 secs. This will enhance your endurance in the long run. While strength training, lift a heavy or moderate weight and do 8 to 15 reps. While running, mix sprinting with low-intensity cardio for the best results.

Tweaks And Fighting Fatigue

  • If you really want to make progress, tweak your regime once in a while. When your body gets adapted to what’s coming next, the strengthening diminishes. So, change things up when you can. The modification can be in how heavy you lift, or how many reps you do, or the speed of your workout or even the time of the day. The goal is to alter your exercise regime and prevent the body from getting used to the same workout and patterns.
  • The worst enemy of endurance training is fatigue. The body gets too tired to push further. But you have to pull through it for results. Fortunately, there are a few tricks to fight fatigue. A straightforward method is switching your music. Studies say when people listen to favourable music, the blood vessels expand, which helps boost your performance.

Another technique is to load up on beet juice. Beets are full of healthy nitrates which improve cardiovascular functioning. Drinking the juice will help your muscles create more energy and work more efficiently. Overall, it makes training less exhausting.

Follow these 8 tips religiously and you’ll reach peak body fitness in less than no time!

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