Learning the art of mindfulness for a stress-free work from home

Work from home may seem to be a great option that requires less commute and also the incredible benefit of staying within the comforts of your home. But the opportunity can become extremely tedious when you are piled up with loads of household chores and kids running helter-skelter, hampering your focus. This is when the practice of mindfulness can be of great help. Mindfulness is the technique of exploring the thoughts and feelings without judgments, and most importantly, it is the practice of focusing only on the moment. Practising mindfulness is unbelievably beneficial for reducing stress as well as improving focus. So, whether it is the office or working from home, learn this great technique to make your life happy and stress-free.

How to practice mindfulness?

Although you may have stumbled upon this topic to find ways of improving your productivity while working from home, mindfulness can be excellent learning that teaches you about the ways of becoming happy. Mindfulness teaches you the technique of how to focus your mind in the present without any judgments and to make better decisions devoid of unwanted emotions. Continue reading to understand five best methods to incorporate mindfulness to your daily life and make your mind free from stress, anxiety, or depression.

Methods to incorporate mindfulness into your day-to-day life

Mindfulness techniques are also being increasingly embraced by office going employees who easily get swayed by their hectic schedules and a multitude of distractions. Practice the following mindfulness tips for working from home and lead a stress-free life.

Deep breathing exercises

Deep breathing is the universal way of clearing your thoughts by focusing intently on your breath. The most significant advantage of the technique is that it is possible anytime and anywhere. Relax your body while you inhale and exhale to a count of three. Do the whole process with your eyes closed and thoughts still. Yoga includes deep breathing as a superior form of exercise that helps one to live longer.

Clear your phone

Though mobile phones are inevitable during your work from home routines, you must clear your phones off unnecessary apps that may engage your time. Delete the apps that you use less and mute the apps that are not related to your work and consume your work time. It is quite reasonable to get distracted by social media apps that can engage you with negative thoughts. Hence, it is recommended that you keep using your phone minimally.

Watch what you eat

Disciplined diet is the basis for achieving mindfulness, and unfortunately, work from home routines can entirely disrupt your eating pattern. Disciplined eating is essential to make you productive. Consuming too much or too little food can affect the way you think.
Keep a note of the food you intake daily along with the timings and the nutrients involved. These journals can help you with keeping a tab on disciplining your food habits.

Maintain an accomplishment journal

Appreciating small accomplishments is also a part of inculcating the practice of mindfulness. Maintain a note for jotting down your accomplishment as well as one for mentioning things you are grateful for. Read it every week and appreciate yourself for the achievements you have attained.

Be a good listener

Just like deep breathing exercises, learn techniques of listening to anything without judgements. Even if it is a song, listen intently and appreciate the lyrics, instruments, or voice of the singer. Similarly, listen to what your colleagues tell you over a zoom or skype call and give them undivided attention without interruption.

Practice all the above mindfulness tips for working from home and lead a stress-free work life.

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