Perils of sedentary life.

There was a time when driving without a seat belt was dangerous. Today’s equivalent of the seat belt is sedentary life. Because we spend most of our time sitting, without any physical activity, we are suffering from a number of problems such as obesity and mental stress.

We know that the perils of a sedentary life are legion, yet we don’t make working out a more natural part of our lives. Why is that? Is it because we are too tired or too busy? Is it because exercise is boring or too hard? Or is it because the real reasons for not working out are much more profound?

In this post, we discover why we lack the impetus to work out and need motivation tips for exercise to get us going.

It is unfamiliar and a luxury.

Majority of people are not used to being active because structured exercise is not part and parcel of their life. Since, it is something unfamiliar, including it in a busy schedule feels like an unexpected guest who drops by your home. The intrusion of an unwelcome guest and the resent you feel against them is similar to how we picture exercise.

Another reason we are not motivated to exercise is that we consider it a luxury. We’d rather diet, pop a pill, buy a new gadget or get a surgery done than exercise to lose weight, have better health and superior quality of life. The reason for it is lack of investment of time. We feel making the time for an hour-long gym class is a luxury that few can afford.

The outcome is not obvious.

One last reason most people don’t have the internal drive to work out regularly is that the adverse outcomes are delayed. Not exercising doesn’t result in immediate harmful consequences. It takes years for the effects to pile-up and begin showing.

Yes, intellectually we are aware that heart issues, cancer, obesity and diabetes do happen to people who aren’t physically active. But it is a future worry as it hasn’t happened now.

In short, the unfamiliarity of exercise, the feeling of luxury and delayed adverse consequences are the reason we lack the motivation to work out. Now that this is clear, you can start working on finding that motivation.

Keep in mind that the impetus to train doesn’t just happen. You have to find something that makes you enthusiastic about pumping iron. Think of it this way: exercise helps you move your body, but that body won’t move unless your mind is ready first.

So, look for tricks to remove your mental roadblocks and generate a new attitude towards working out.

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