Working from home leads to distractions

Due to COVID 19, nowadays most employees are working from home. As it is a new working routine, it has caused several people to experience increased levels of anxiety and stress. When it increases, it is challenging to stay productive and focused when working from home. One of the main disadvantages of working from home is distraction. It will be abundant especially when you are living at joined living spaces. We have shared some best mindful tips for working from home that will help you to remain productive and focused during this challenging time.

Stick to your plan

When you are working at home, ensure to create a routine you were following earlier. Wake up as you do before, get yourself prepared and utilize the day completely. If you are working on any project, set a guideline. Ensure to complete it as planned. Create a time schedule to communicate with your co-employees. Check whether your plans and lists are right. When you complete a task, you receive a satisfactory feeling that helps in releasing dopamine into your body. This helps you to perform good work and also be positive.

Remember to breathe

It is especially for people who have high stress levels and low HRV (heart rate variability). HRV is a measure in the distinction in time between every heartbeat. By breathing 6 breaths / minute, you can improve your HRV as well as induce a relaxed and calm feeling that helps in lowering stress levels. It also aids in maintaining attention to yourself and within your emotions.

Avoid distraction as much as possible

Most people who are working at home experience distraction. It can be due to children, spouse, or roommates. When your spouse is occupying your space or your children need attention, you can easily get distracted. It is best to set up a dedicated and organized work space for yourself. If you do not have a separate room to work in your house, you have to set strict boundaries and expectations. Inform your spouse what you have planned to accomplish for the day and request not to disturb during meetings. In the same way, plan appropriate activities for your kids. This way, they would not come to you for every small issue. As this work from home concept is new, it may take a few weeks for people to get adjusted to it.

Take a break

Just because you are working at home, it does not mean that you should not take any breaks. When you are at the office, you may take a break once in an hour by chatting with your colleagues, visiting the canteen and taking a walk to collect water in your bottle. Most people working at home forget to take that small break. They will be sitting all time near the computer screen. Well, get rid of this habit. Eat lunch with your family at the dining table. Get fresh air by spending time in your backyard. Walk up and down your staircase to keep yourself brisk.

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