If you wish to maintain a healthy lifestyle, the first and foremost step you should take is practicing good personal hygiene. It safeguards you from developing poor health and also shields people around you from undergoing illnesses due to poor personal habits. Certain important habits like flossing, brushing, bathing, and washing your hands may look boring and monotonous. However, all these habits form as important personal hygiene. These habits keep you free from illnesses, viruses, and bacteria and make you feel happy and good about yourself. We have shared important suggestions for personal hygiene that are important to follow regularly.

Personal hygiene habit #1

When it comes to food storage, it is necessary to store seafood, poultry, and raw meat separately from other foods. It is best to store foods in the refrigerator that are set at 5°C/41°F. Permit cold air to flow all over the fridge and do not overfill the fridge.

If you have stored raw fruit juices in the fridge, ensure it does not drip into other foods.

Personal hygiene habit #2

If you are experiencing conditions like a vaginal itch, there is no need to worry. It does not require any serious treatment. When you visit your doctor, he/she would suggest anti-fungal creams and antibiotics that will eliminate this skin issue. How to prevent vaginal itch? Shower daily. Stay clean and dry. Thoroughly rinse away the soap. Ensure not to wear tight intimates. Cotton is the right material. After passing motions, you need to wash back and front with soap and wipe with a wet towel. This way, you can avoid germs from spreading to the vagina. In the olden days, women are recommended to sleep without underwear. This way, the entire vagina part remains dry.

Personal hygiene habit #3

If you are thinking about how to fight bad breath, here are some tips you should follow. Drink sufficient water. Treat your oral diseases. Reduce coffee intake. Floss and brush regularly. Eat yogurt. Chew sugarless gum. Eat crunchy vegetables and fruits. Do not use tobacco products. Eat sufficient vitamin rich food. It helps in preventing two reasons for bad breath- gingivitis and gum disease.

Personal hygiene habit #4

Peeing manners. Do not hold your pee. While peeing, relax. Stay hydrated. After peeing, wipe, or wash front and back.

Personal hygiene habit #5

When preparing food, ensure to cut vegetables and meat with separate cutting/chopping boards and knives. Before consuming fruits and vegetables for salads, ensure to soak, scrape, scald, brush, peel, and wash thoroughly. Ensure to cook the meat thoroughly to kill any harmful bacteria.

Personal hygiene habit #6

Makeup hygiene. It is mandatory to maintain your eyebrow pencil cleanly. Ensure to wipe the eyebrow pencils using wet tissue before using to eliminate bacterial residue. Ensure to wash powder puffs and makeup brush using mild baby soap or shampoo weekly once for safe and best usage. After washing, dry the makeup products using a clean dry towel. Do not apply makeup using fingers. Only professional artists use fingers to do makeup. If you want to use your fingers, ensure they are clean. Use only your ring finger since it offers the light strokes.

Personal hygiene habit #7

Disinfection and cleaning of office spaces. Viruses keep developing every second and it is important to clean hard areas like office floors, office desks, and other places. Ensure the office administration staff regularly cleans keyboards, countertops, doorknobs, and door handles with anti-bacterial liquid to eliminate the germs.

Personal hygiene habit #8

Use alcohol-based sanitizer. Whenever you are cleaning hands, ensure to use hand sanitizers that contain alcohol. As it is a drying liquid, it easily kills the bacteria and viruses immediately. Also remember, there are chances for it to leave your skin rough and dry. It is always recommended to use only good branded sanitizers. Do not choose the cheap ones. Branded ones have sufficient moisturizer and keep your hands soft and clean.

Personal hygiene habit #9

Take a bath daily. It is important to take a shower daily, irrespective of how you are feeling. By bathing regularly in the morning and after doing athletic activities, you can keep yourself odor-free, fresh, and clean. Cleaning the body by taking a bath is important as it helps in rejuvenating your skin. While bathing, ensure to scrub your torso, legs, and arms and slough off dry and dead skin. This way, you can keep your skin fresh and healthy and also prevent blemishes, acne, and other skin infections. Wash your towel regularly and do not share your towel even with your family members.

Personal hygiene habit #10

Give sufficient importance to your hair. It is recommended to wash hair at least every alternative day to keep scalp and hair in good shape and healthy. If you have dandruff or lice, you need to take proper action early. It is important to cut your hair regularly for healthy hair.

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